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Franchise opportunities for those who secretly hate their job and dream of doing something better…?

 If you’ve ever had the desire to run your own business and escape being a wage slave zombie take a look at our franchise opportunities.

You can easily make over £65,000 per year with a
Time For You Franchise Opportunities.


Message from FreddieMessage from Freddie

A Message From Freddie:

Hello there. We are husband and wife team Freddie and Ruth Rayner, and we own the Time For You network, the biggest domestic cleaning franchise opportunities in the UK.

More than 30 years ago we were both like so many people in this country: Unhappy working for someone else; getting paid a reasonable salary but never quite feeling in control of our time, our finances or our lives

That’s when we took the plunge, quit our jobs (what a great day!) and started working for ourselves. Fast forward a few decades, and after a real rollercoaster of a business career, we find ourselves the owners of the biggest domestic cleaning franchise opportunities in the UK and now Australia!

Since starting in 1997, we have built up a network of nearly 200 franchisees, who service 20,000 clients a week. That’s a lot of money to be made from providing such a simple but desirable service!

The first thing I must tell you about Time For You's franchise opportunities is that you personally don’t do any of the cleaning. None whatsoever. You also don’t have any staff, can work from home, and are guaranteed to make at least £30,000 profit (not turnover, profit) in your first 18 months in business.

It’s important you know these things because there are only limited Time For You franchise opportunities across the UK are available.

"More feedback from our business owners"


Maybe this is what you’ve been looking for… that moment where your life changes for the better?

In our Franchise Opportunities Pack, we have put lots of information together to help you learn about our franchise opportunities and why, if you are serious about starting your own business, you should seriously consider it.

Why buy a franchise and not just start your own business from scratch? Well, the British Franchise Association says that buying a franchise is a more secure way of starting a business.

You’re buying a system of working that has been proven to work by hundreds of other people, and a brand that is already trusted. Typically your marketing is easier too, particularly if there is a website already set up for you. All of this dramatically reduces the risk of working for yourself.

The BFA reports that 91% of all franchisees reported profitability over the last 12 months. 4 in 5 franchisees believe they have a competitive advantage over other small businesses. There are more than 40,000 franchisees, running 929 kinds of franchise. And they do £13.4 billion of business every year. Wow!

With 929 kinds of franchise opportunities available, why look at domestic cleaning? The more you look into Time For You, the more you will realise that there is no franchise opportunities out there quite like it.

It’s the only franchise in the whole of the UK where your success is guaranteed (or you’ll get your money back). And the only one where you can make a six figure income within 12 to 18 months of starting up. We’ve got plenty of franchisees with an income like that – more on them inside.

I can’t stress enough the positive impact Time For You has had on my life. I made £77,000 profit in 2012 & now send my 3 children to private school

ladyCaroline Kirby is the Time For You franchisee in Tunbridge Wells.

She said: “Once upon a time, I worked as an investment banker. After having my three children however, that occupation was no longer suitable, so I decided to do something very different and set up a community magazine. It was there that I learned about Time For You.

“To make my magazine work I learned as much as I could about marketing and advertising; what works, and what doesn’t. Freddie Rayner had submitted an article to my magazine about his franchise Time For You, and in my opinion, it ticked all the right boxes.

“It wasn’t long before I found myself seriously looking at investing in my own franchise. I visited the website, and decided that I was sold.

“Who doesn’t want to work half the hours of an average person for double, or even triple the money? I decided that I was one of these people, and one meeting with Freddie later, I was a franchisee.

“I can’t stress enough the positive impact Time For you has had on my life.

“Having made £77,000 profit in 2012 alone, I am able to send each of my three children to a private school.

“My franchise is always growing. I currently have close to 200 clients, and work with 100 independent cleaners.

“Our partnership benefits the both of us, and enables me to take care of things such as the smooth running and accounts of the business, whilst my clients receive a trustworthy service.

“I would strongly recommend that anyone who wants to spend more time with their children looks in to the investment of a Time For You franchise.

“Not only do I have more quality time for my family, but I also have a larger income to make sure that they will have the best upbringing I can provide for them.

“Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Freddie at Time For You and become part of our business family.”

There are many reasons why you should seriously consider Time For You domestic cleaning franchise opportunities

boy-girlRalph Watson bought into Time For You in the Fife area after realised that his carpet cleaning company was too much hard work.

He said: “I bought the Fife franchise of Time For You in 2005, and was no stranger to the world of cleaning.

franchise_opportunities_Scotland “My wife Hazel and I had a carpet and upholstery cleaning company which we both worked extremely hard at lifting off of the ground.

“However, shortly after a friend purchased a Time For You franchise, his boasting about shorter working hours and increased profit stirred my curiosity.

“What I really liked about Time For You was that as the franchisee, you don’t do any of the cleaning. That’s all done by independent cleaners, meaning you spend your working time growing your business.

“I liked the idea of the support network that every Time For You franchise gets. When hundreds of other people have already done what you’re trying to do, it means you personally make fewer mistakes and have more room to develop more quickly. So I got a loan, bought my franchise and haven’t looked back since.

“You might be a little bit skeptical about taking out a loan to invest in a cleaning business, and so was I. But to my amazement, I had paid it off in just under 8 months. If someone had told me the day I was sat in that bank requesting money, that in 2012 I would make £110,000 profit, I would have laughed in their face.

“It’s a really nice business to be in. I can really appreciate the service my 100+ independent cleaners are providing for my 320 clients. I like to think that I am helping people, especially the elderly, by giving them something they can’t necessarily do for themselves.

“My lifestyle has flourished since I invested in my Time For You franchise. I have all the time I need with my family and plenty of money to treat them with.

"Everything about Time For You is beneficial. I have so more time myself, a better income, and a great business"

twinceBefore taking on the Time For You franchise in the Milton Keynes and Warwick areas, Sam Stawarz was a full-time chef and ran his own catering business in the evenings. But it was a lot of work for little income.

Sam picks up the story: “Having a family at a young age and working 70 hours a week barely left me any time to sleep, let alone have a social life. If I wasn’t working late in to the night, I was sleeping majority of the day to recover from the long shifts. As my children got older, I became more and more aware of how much of their childhood I was missing out on; little things like getting them ready for school.

“You may think I was being selfish working such unsociable hours, but I needed to support my family, even if it was costing me the better things in life. That was before I discovered a way to have my cake AND eat it.

“I was introduced to Time For You and the rewards were instantaneous. The extra hours I have in the week are dedicated to making up for lost time with my family, and the increase in my personal income (£80,000 in 2012) helps that happen nicely.

franchise_opportunities_for_sale “Everything about Time For You is beneficial. I have so much more time now, a better income, and I am able to provide every one of my current 292 clients with a fantastic service from one of my 60 independent cleaners.”

I have stuck with what I am good at and developed my skills, creating a successful and reliable business.

“I don’t have a bad word to say against Time For You. It has helped me work hard and reach my full potential, with the constant support of other franchisees as well as the franchisor Freddie Rayner. “My friend introducing me to Time For You changed my life; let me do the same for you. Please don’t let this opportunity pass you by.”

Only one person can be the Time For You franchisee in any one area. AND the Franchise Opportunity you want might not be available for another seven years! Here's what to do next

You may have seen our promotional van in your local area over the last few days, or maybe picked up one of our newsletters at the train station. Maybe you saw our advert in the local papers.

Just like the way we run the franchise itself, we have a powerful and proven system for promoting a franchise area when it becomes available. That ensures we rarely have gaps in our network, and do not disappoint local clients.

At some point in the next few weeks, someone in your local area will become our new franchisee. Maybe they will jack in their job and become a business owner instead. Maybe they’re already sat on a big redundancy cheque.

Or maybe they’re a tired and frustrated commuter who can’t face the zombie train any more (quite a few of our franchisees have jacked in tiring “professional” careers, and now make more money with a much better work-life balance).

Maybe this is the opportunity for you, or maybe it’s not quite what you’re looking for. If it’s not, that’s OK, I wish you the best of luck for the future.

But if this DOES interest you, then you need to take some action now please. Don’t put this to one side and forget about it, take action now.

signup The next step is very simple and carries no commitment whatsoever. All you have to do is put your hand up (metaphorically speaking) and tell us you might – only might – be interested in being the franchisee for your area.We’ll then have a 20 minute discussion on the phone. We do all of these calls personally rather than ask a member of our staff to do them, as we have to figure out if you’ll make a good franchisee (while you’re figuring out if our franchise is the one for you).

We’ll tell you more about the business and answer any questions you have. Then, if you are still interested and want a serious discussion, we will invite you to our home in Northampton where we can meet to properly discuss the franchise. We always meet at our home rather than in an office as that allows us all to relax a little more, and really get to know each other.

Remember, there is no commitment at any stage. Even after we meet, we would want you to go away and talk to your family and friends before you made a decision. If you become the franchise owner for your chosen area we will be working together for years to come. It’s a serious life changing decision, not something to be made quickly!

So… ready to take the next step? Ready to look into joining this tight community of franchisees, such as the people pictured here? Just click the button below.